Adam Tomkins - Environment Year in Industry - Shares his Thoughts on Spending a Year at Arcus


Adam Tomkins – Environment Year in Industry – Shares his Thoughts on Spending a Year at Arcus

Starting in September 2019, I began my year at Arcus working in the Environment Team at York. I was not totally sure what to expect of environmental consultancy, so started the year with an open mind and a goal to gain some commercial awareness, seeing what skills I could learn along the way. I was welcomed into the team by everyone in the office and immediately felt valued as a member of the company which really gave me confidence in myself and my work. As part of the team, I was offered responsibilities on work for live projects which I did not expect straight away and was somewhat intimidated at first, but the support from others around me meant I never felt overwhelmed and I progressed over the year to take on more complex and interesting tasks for a range of projects. The experience in both the renewables sector under Arcus, and property sector under Surface, was especially useful and highlighted the different needs of each development type, and through these projects helped me find what I am most passionate about in the sector.

One of the genuinely nice things about working at Arcus is that not only do you feel valued, but you know that what you do brings value to create a better future. Through this work I have learned and improved my technical and professional skillsets and gained an appreciation for an industry that is working towards the right goals. The chance to work with expert mentors on breakthrough projects like Cleve Hill Solar Park, Sutton Bridge Solar Farm and a range of wind and solar projects at all stages of the development process highlighted the importance of renewable energy now and in the future for the UK. The imperative push for renewables is a key lesson I only became more aware of during my time at Arcus and is just one of the many things I learned that I had no idea about before my placement.

In addition to project tasks, I have been lucky enough to undertake independent research and begin to learn about business development, continuing to push and find ways for Arcus to bring value into emerging renewables spaces. The opportunities at Arcus to attend external training events, undertake site visits, and use intermediate objectives to maximise development and work on projects I am particularly interested in were invaluable and the willingness to support me in my professional development was well beyond what I expected from a single year. Without the time and patience given to me by the staff at Arcus I would not have been able to develop my technical and professional skills in the way I have, and truly appreciate everyone who has explained or demonstrated or supported me on my journey so far. I have had a truly brilliant time on my placement year and have learned and worked on so much more than I thought I was able to. Above all would like to thank everyone at Arcus who has made this year so interesting, exciting, and enjoyable and look forward to all future developments from Arcus.