COVID-19: Building Standards Information and Guidance to Scottish Local Authorities


COVID-19: Continuity of Noise and Acoustics Assessments

During the current coronavirus situation Arcus are working hard to ensure continuity of service for our clients.

The Scottish Government has written to the Chief Executives of Local Authorities regarding special measures to enable the occupation of new buildings, and The Institute of Acoustics and Association of Noise Consultants have issued guidance on how to ensure the robustness of noise assessments during the current coronavirus restrictions.

During this time survey work may not be possible due to travel restrictions or results may not be representative due to changes to the acoustic environment as a result of reductions in e.g. industrial and transportation activity.  The guidance suggests measures such as surveying where it can be done safely, with consideration of whether the results will be affected by current circumstances; utilising data previously obtained in the same locality; or postponing survey work till a later date and providing either as further information or post-consent.  The importance of discussing and agreeing these steps with the planning authority is highlighted.  Arcus will use this guidance to plan the most appropriate means of ensuring that our ongoing noise assessment work continues.  If you wish to discuss these matters, please contact our acoustics team for advice.

Whilst on-site building acoustic and sound insulation testing may not be possible given the current circumstances, Arcus and our property brand “Surface” will continue to progress provision of acoustic design advice as far as possible through desktop modelling and assessment and use of previously obtained external noise levels if available.  Verification of acoustic performance will be discussed with appropriate bodies, such as local Authority Building Control and Planning (where appropriate), to agree methodology such as use of “as-built” detailing and construction.

Joint Guidance On the Impact of Covid.IOA ANC V2

Letter to Chief Executives – LAs – 20 March 2020