Noise Mitigation - New Approaches Used by our Acoustics Team


Noise Mitigation – New Approaches Used by our Acoustics Team

Arcus is at the forefront in assessing new and novel technologies emerging in the UK.

Projects we regularly work on include innovative battery storage facilities, gas peaking sites, and solar farm developments across the United Kingdom and Ireland.  Our teams face new challenges with every project; providing innovative solutions to meet all the requirements of the Planning Authority.

One such example is our Acoustics team’s innovative noise mitigation approach for a bespoke construction project in Angus.

The project included Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) works in proximity to residential and sensitive properties over extended hours into the night.  Challenges arose from strict noise limits due to the rural environment.  Our Acoustics team assessed various standard mitigation measures such as earth bunds and temporary barriers before identifying an innovative approach of strategically using shipping containers to achieve the necessary noise shielding.

This inventive approach provided a technical and economical solution to a complex situation and high profile development. The application submitted detailing this mitigation solution was approved by the local authority in just two weeks following submission; a new company record!

Acoustics is a discipline that varies according to each situation; no project is the same or has the same solution and, in circumstances such as this, the rich experience of our Acoustics team members plays a vital role in offering our clients’ solutions suited to their needs.

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