See how Arcus prepared the verified photomontage visualisations for Bolsover Quarry Solar Farm, Derbyshire


Bolsover Quarry Solar Farm Visualisations and Photomontages


Viewpoint Photography – LVIA Photography – Visualisation – Photomontage

Arcus were commissioned to undertake various environmental assessments supporting the planning application for a solar farm at a disused quarry. These assessments included the landscape and visual impact assessment (LVIA) as well as ecological, flood risk and heritage assessments.

Bolsover Quarry is located approximately 2.5km northeast of Bolsover in Derbyshire.

As part of the LVIA, Arcus completed the visualisations which incorporated viewpoint photography and verified photomontages. The visualisations were completed in line with current Landscape Institute guidelines.

Photography was captured on a full-frame digital SLR camera from the agreed viewpoint locations. The imagery files were then processed in-house. This involved stitching of the single frame images into panoramas. The images were then converted into verified 3D photomontages showing the proposed development accurately positioned within the landscape.

The photomontages were then inserted into the LVIA which formed part of the planning application. The planning application was submitted to Bolsover District Council in July 2015. Planning consent was awarded in September 2015. The site has now been built and is fully operational.

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