Gatwick Airport Railway Station, London


Gatwick Airport Railway Station, London

Client: Network Rail

Services: Flood Risk Assessment and Flood Modelling

Arcus was brought into the project to resolve an outstanding Environment Agency objection and to undertake a Flood Risk Assessment for the proposed upgrade to Gatwick Airport railway station, London.

Arcus undertook consultation with Crawley Borough Council and the Environment Agency to confirm the requirements for flood modelling.

A 2D surface water model was created in Flood Modeller software to show surface water flooding routes and that the upgrades to the platforms would not cause offsite flooding during the 1:100 year flood event plus climate change.

Arcus also technically reviewed and input to the SuDS design for the development to ensure compliance with West Sussex County Council guidance.

An assessment of flood depths from river sources was also undertaken using cross sectional analysis from the Gatwick Stream.

The Environment Agency reviewed the model and the works were given planning consent in March 2019.