Glen Noe Hydro Electric Scheme - Details Of Arcus' Involvement In The EIA Process | Arcus Consultancy Services


Glen Noe Hydro Scheme


We are currently undertaking the EIA and preparing the planning application for Glen Noe Hydro Scheme, a 2MW proposal located near Taynuilt in Argyll & Bute.  Appointed by RWE Innogy UK (RWE), Arcus has undertaken the majority of the EIA in-house, including the following:

  • Hydrology and hydro-geomorphology
  • Landscape and visual impact
  • Ecology and ornithology
  • Noise
  • Cultural heritage
  • Traffic and transport
  • EIA project management

There are a number of sensitivities associated with the site, including golden eagles, wild land and bryophytes.  The site is also located in close proximity to the existing Cruachan pump-storage hydroelectric station, which has been a fundamental cumulative consideration within the environmental assessments, particularly hydrology.  Arcus has extensively consulted with Argyll & Bute Council and Scottish Natural Heritage to ensure that the final design of the Glen Noe Hydro Scheme is appropriate for the site and will therefore comply with planning policy and address consultee concerns.

In addition to completing the EIA and planning application, Arcus is providing supporting information to RWE which will be submitted as part of the application to obtain a CAR licence from SEPA.