See how Arcus prepared the photomontage visuals for the 17 wind turbine Kirkan Wind Farm in the Scottish Highlands.


Kirkan Wind Farm Visualisations and Photomontages


Visualisation – Photomontage

Arcus were awarded and prepared the LVIA visualisations (photomontages) for Kirkan Wind Farm.

Kirkan Wind Farm is a proposed 17-turbine development located approximately 4km west of Garbat in the Scottish Highlands and currently being considered by The Highland Council.

Arcus were sub-contracted to complete the visualisations which incorporated wirelines, cumulative wirelines and photomontages. The visualisations had to meet the requirements of both the Scottish Natural Heritage (SNH) and Highand Council guidelines.

Photography files were supplied by the client to the Arcus visualisations team and were processed in-house. This involved stitching of the single frame images into panoramas using both cylindrical and planar (rectilinear) projections. In total 19 viewpoints were used in the final submission of the Environmental Statement). The cumulative wind farm assessment and corresponding wirelines incorporated 20 sites.

Being within the Highland Council region, meant that 2 sets of visualisations had to be prepared to meet both sets of the relevant guidance. The huge body of work resulted in Arcus producing 191 pages incorporating both A1 and A3 sized figures for the Landscape and Visual Impact Assessment (LVIA) element of the Environmental Statement.

The visualisations also included the requirement for night-time aviation lighting visuals. These are photomontages using photography taken in dusk lighting conditions with examples of aviation lighting being shown upon the computer generated wind turbines.

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