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Noise Assessment at Chemical Plant – Bradford, Yorkshire

Client – Chemical Process Facility 

Scope – An audit of all equipment was undertaken at a large chemical process facility in Bradford, Yorkshire to allow plant and health and safety managers to develop a strategy for reducing noise at work around the site.  Measurements of all noise emitting equipment were undertaken, which included noise from;

  • Process compressors;
  • Fan blowers;
  • Exhaust stacks; and
  • Electric motors.

Once the measurements were undertaken, the noise emitting equipment was ranked in order of priority for mitigation, based on the levels of noise measured, number of employees affected and approximate cost to mitigate. 

Solution – Once the equipment had been ranked in order of priority, a long-term strategy for reducing noise around the site, in line with the recommendations in the Health and Safety Executive’s guide Controlling Noise at Work was then developed with input from the site managers.

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