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Noise Assessment for PPC Permit – Glasgow, Scotland

Client – Aerospace and Defence Manufacturer

Scope – In order to satisfy the requirements of a condition attached to an aerospace and defence manufacturer’s Pollution Prevention and Control (PPC) Permit, a noise assessment was undertaken to identify methods of reducing noise emissions.

As part of this assessment the following actions were undertaken;

  • Desk based identification of the closest potential noise sensitive receptors;
  • Site visit to identify noise sources and measure levels;
  • Assessment of measured noise levels;
  • Recommendations for Best Available Techniques (BAT) for noise control; and
  • Recommendations for further monitoring.

Consultation was carried out with Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA) to agree monitoring locations and the assessment methodology.  In consultation with the client, it was decided that due to the number of industrial premises and the complex acoustic environment around the site, it would not be possible to isolate and measure sound from the site at the nearest identified receptors.  As such, rather than measure the ambient and residual sound level at the nearest residential properties, it was decided to measure the specific noise level directly adjacent to each noise source which could then be inputted to noise modelling software to predict the noise level from the site at each receptor.

It was found that noise impacts from the site were unlikely to cause an adverse impact at the nearest noise sensitive receptors.

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