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Sound Power Level Measurement


How quiet is your plant?

Arcus Consultancy Services has gained a reputation as one of the foremost environmental and planning consultancies in the Energy sector.  The Acoustics team at Arcus specialise in planning for Energy generation projects, along with more specific services which include the determination of noise emitted by mechanical and electrical plant.

With the growth of Distributed Generation, energy projects are being located ever closer to noise sensitive areas (particularly residential dwellings).  As such, the noise generated by plant such as inverters, transformers, switchgear and substations is subject to greater scrutiny than ever before.

The accurate determination of noise impact is essential in gaining planning consent, discharging noise related planning conditions, and giving confidence to both developers and investors that noise will not be an issue following commissioning of the project.  This often results in plant with robust noise emission data being the preferred choice for use on site.

In order to help manufacturers meet these challenges, Arcus have the equipment and the know-how to accurately determine the sound power levels and frequency spectra of a wide range of plant and equipment.  We offer a cost-effective service and quick turnaround whilst ensuring the exacting requirements of the appropriate British and International standards are achieved.

Benefits of Noise Emission Testing with Arcus:

  • Plant is tested in accordance with the most up to date standards, providing confidence in the derived sound power levels and frequency spectra.
  • Measurements can be undertaken either in the factory immediately after manufacture or where the plant is already installed on site.
  • Test results are presented in a clear and concise report which can be issued to potential clients, developers, consultancies and Local Authorities alike to maximise the likelihood of your plant being selected for a given project.
  • Results can be used to identify problem acoustic resonances, aiding both the refinement of existing products and the development of future products.

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