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Arcus provides planning, environmental and engineering consultancy services to a wide range of clients and projects across the Energy sector including:

  • Energy
    • Renewable Energy: onshore wind, offshore wind, solar, hydro, tidal, wave, AD, biomass
    • Capacity Market: STOR, DSR, frequency response
    • Energy Storage: battery storage, pumped storage, flywheel storage, pressurised air storage
    • Distributed Generation
    • Onsite Generation: CHP, Solar, Biomass
    • Combustion Plant: CHP, CCS, Gas Power Stations, CCGT
    • Nuclear Energy

What does Arcus do?

Through the full breadth of our integrated, multi-disciplinary expertise, we offer planning, environmental and engineering support to projects in a range of sectors throughout the development lifecycle. This often starts with site finding, feasibility and providing input to financial models and due diligence.  As projects progress, we undertake planning and environmental survey/assessment work.  Post-consent, we assist with discharging planning conditions and perform contract management and owner’s engineer support to construction and beyond – into the operational phase, as well as construction-phase environmental and landscape work.

What are the benefits of using Arcus?

All of our staff understand our clients’ aims and expectations and all of our work is directed towards achieving the right outcome for our clients. We understand the impacts of cost and risk and ensure that any information that could affect the progression of a project is raised early and quickly, identifying solutions rather than problems.

Arcus has over 10 years of experience of working in the constantly evolving energy sector.  Throughout our history, we have consistently advised clients during the early stages of emerging sectors, such as Feed-in Tariff scale renewable energy developments in 2009 and the emerging importance of the growing capacity market, battery storage and distributed generation in 2015/16.  There are many examples of our clients going on to develop significant portfolios of operational assets following whole lifecycle processes: site search; planning; project management and construction management, undertaken by Arcus.

What will be the key drivers in the Energy Sector over the next few years?

We are experiencing increased interest in distributed generation. With changes to the financial support available to renewables and the planning environment in England particularly, we have seen the effects of changes in the mechanisms for securing project income to our clients’ financial models.  In large scale generation, the trends are for increased efficiency across the board, with generation maximised and CAPEX and OPEX costs squeezed.  In the smaller scale markets, distributed and onsite generation are increasingly sought after, with private wire PPAs or onsite generation a viable business model for moderate sized developments and fast response generation and storage for the capacity market a good potential source of multiple revenue streams.