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Arcus provides environmental, planning and engineering consultancy services to a wide range of clients and projects across the Infrastructure sector including:

  • Transport
    • Roads: bypasses, motorways, tunnels, A-roads, trunk roads, access design, junctions, realignments, road widening, options appraisal
    • Rail: stations, capacity upgrades, electrification, freight lengthening, platform lengthening, speed improvements, level crossing removal, parapet alterations
    • Airports: runways, terminals, capacity increases, buildings, car parks
    • Ports: harbours, jetties, offshore platforms, buildings, sea defences
  •  Utilities
    • Water: waste water, water treatment, pipelines, reservoirs, storage, land management
    • Gas: pipelines, storage, connections
    • Electricity: grid connection, distribution network providers (DNO), independent connection providers (ICPs) 
  • Defence: redevelopments, new buildings, land management, biodiversity management 
  • Flood Defences: embankments, flood walls, sea walls, flood gates, flood modelling 
  • Telecoms: site finding, masts

What is the Arcus approach?

We provide concise, client focussed advice to identify solutions rather than problems. We navigate the sometimes complex legislation that guides development in the UK on your behalf, to ensure that projects are implemented with minimum risk and in full compliance with relevant commitments.  We are experienced professionals who highly value the significant contributions we make to projects as part of our client’s teams.

Why should you use Arcus?

We are an SME with three tight-knit offices across the UK, offering integrated, multi-disciplinary consultancy. Our Environmental, Planning and Engineering teams sit together and continuously share information and advice on best practice across a wide range of technical disciplines.  Within minutes of a problem arising, multiple industry experts can be engaged to recommend solutions which can then be quickly and efficiently communicated to our clients.  We know how important speed and good communication is to our clients and through this, we strive to achieve the best results on all of our projects.

When can Arcus start working on your project?

We can be engaged at any point in the project cycle but often the earlier the better, to maximise project efficiency and client benefit.  When we are engaged at the tender stage we can ensure that tenders are delivered in full knowledge of environmental risks, thereby reducing the potential for unforeseen or unrecoverable costs occurring later in the project.

If we are engaged later in the project cycle, we can carry out an environmental risk review to ensure all parties fully understand the environmental and planning risks and obligations relating to the project.