Air Quality Monitoring in York, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Leeds, Manchester and London


Air Quality Monitoring


Our Air Quality team can monitor and assess emissions from industrial or other point sources for pollutant concentrations, flow rate and other characteristics. Air quality monitoring includes:

  • Ambient monitoring – in outdoor open spaces
  • Dust/deposition monitoring
  • Emissions monitoring – from particular sources
  • Workplace monitoring – in buildings, around industrial plant

The Air Quality team at Arcus provides air quality monitoring services across a wide range of sectors.  We provide them to support impact assessments, to inform compliance with Environmental Permits/ PPC Permits and to minimise environmental risk and liability.

Nitrogen dioxide diffusion tube monitoring and automatic PM10 monitoring can be used to assess compliance with air quality objectives, both of which are undertaken by our Air Quality team. Dust deposition monitoring can be used to assess the risk of a dust nuisance occurring due to fugitive dust emissions from demolition/ construction, waste management and minerals extraction/ processing.

All monitoring equipment meets the MCERTS standard for air quality monitoring, as accredited by UKAS.  The results of air quality monitoring are used to demonstrate compliance with permit or planning conditions, and as input to dispersion models to predict concentrations of pollutants at receptor locations in impact assessments.

We use our experience in impact assessment to design air quality monitoring strategies that deliver the required information quickly and cost-effectively.

We will arrange monitoring equipment hire/purchase, manage the project for the duration of the monitoring survey, interpret the data, and provide a comprehensive report presenting and interpreting the results.

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