BREEAM Assessments


BREEAM Assessments


A BREEAM assessment is regularly required as part of planning conditions in order to assess the sustainability of a development. The assessment includes a wide range of issues such as Ecology, Noise and Transport and addresses the most influential factors for these, such as design durability, ecological value and biodiversity protection. A development is scored against fixed criteria and the total number of ‘credits’ determines the overall BREEAM rating.

As part of the Ecology assessment for BREEAM, a site visit is usually required to assess the ecological value of the site and how this will change with the development. Our ecologists meet the Suitably Qualified Ecologist (SQE) criteria needed to complete the BREEAM assessment, and we work closely with clients in order to maximise credits.

In order to gain extra credits, a Habitat Management Plan (HMP) to cover five years after construction can be produced. We develop HMPs with our in-house Landscape Architects to ensure that the measures proposed are cost-effective and achievable without compromising the design of the scheme.