Breeding Bird surveys


Breeding Bird surveys


All birds and their nests are protected from destruction by law, and some species are given extra protection to safeguard them from disturbance. Birds are some of our most ubiquitous and conspicuous wildlife in the UK and are found in all parts of our landscape, including built-up areas. Consequently, many developments taking place in the spring and summer have the potential to affect breeding birds.

Our expert ornithologists are able to design and carry out breeding bird surveys in all landscapes and for sensitive species (e.g. Schedule 1 bird species) and carry out the analysis and mapping of bird territories in GIS. Our ornithologists can then design mitigation to reduce impacts to development programmes, such as sensitive timing and layout of works. During construction, we can advise on ways to discourage nesting birds, conduct nesting bird checks, and advise on ways to safeguard nesting birds if they are present.

Timing: March to August