Arcus Dormouse Surveys. York, Glasgow, UK


Dormouse Surveys


Hazel dormouse is distributed throughout southern England and Wales and is strictly legally protected. Dormice are nocturnal and very rarely seen and are strongly associated with deciduous woodland, hedgerows and dense scrub. Developments affecting dormice habitats in their range must be assessed for their potential to affect the species.

Surveys for dormice are proportionate to the scale of development and potential impacts. Small-scale or less damaging developments may need only a relatively quick visual search for field signs, whereas larger and more damaging developments may need exhaustive and time-consuming surveys over several months.

If a development is likely to cause to disturbance or harm to dormice, our ecologists are able to design and conduct appropriate surveys and consult with the relevant authorities, as well as develop suitable mitigation, potentially including translocation of animals under licence.

Timing: April to November; some surveys (e.g. nut searches) at other times