National Vegetation Classification


National Vegetation Classification


National Vegetation Classification (NVC) is a standardised method for classifying plant communities based on the composition of plants in an area. This survey typically follows, and is more complicated than, a Phase 1 habitat survey, and requires one of our expert botanists with knowledge of higher plants (i.e. typical flowering plants) and lower plants (e.g. mosses and lichens) in different kinds of ecosystems. Once classified, communities can be mapped and then valued against conservation targets and policies, such as Biodiversity Action Plans or the Habitat Regulations. We have many years of experience in NVC and botany from our work on projects in all major landscapes and ecosystems throughout the UK.

NVC communities can be used to help assess the presence of Groundwater Dependent Terrestrial Ecosystems (GWDTE), a requirement of the Water Framework Directive for developments.

Timing: April to September (optimal); other times possible (sub-optimal)