Protected Species Mitigation and Licencing


Protected Species Mitigation and Licencing


Mitigation strategies vary among species and sites and our specialist ecologists have a broad knowledge of mitigation techniques and licencing requirements. We have a pragmatic approach to mitigation and believe strategies should be tailored to your site. We work closely with our clients to develop mitigation schemes which meet programme and design constraints and can take care of the whole mitigation process, from creating on- and off-site receptor areas to consulting with statutory agencies.

The most common types of mitigation and licences include:

  • Bat licence for building demolition
  • Great crested newt licence for developments near ponds
  • Schedule 1 licence to inspect/monitor barn owl nests
  • Badger licence to close a sett
  • Water vole licence for works to a watercourse
  • Otter licence for developments near holts and resting sites

Arcus actively engages in the development of industry guidelines including CIEEM articles and sponsorship of the Bat Conservation Trust Guidelines 2016.