Reptile Surveys


Reptile Surveys


All reptiles in the UK are legally protected to some degree, but our rarer species are more strictly protected, and so developments with the potential to affect them must be surveyed and assessed.

Most reptiles have strong habitat preferences and so identifying potential reptile habitats that may be affected by a development is an important first step in determining what further work may be required. Reptile surveys can include visual surveys or the laying out and checking of artificial refugia under which reptiles shelter, although survey methods vary among species and may require a licence.

Should a reptile population be recorded, our ecologists can assess potential impacts and design appropriate migration, which may include translocating the reptiles to another location. Mitigation can often utilise the features already present on site, such as making use of fallen trees and grass cuttings, which can add biodiversity value to your open space.

Timing: March to October