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Environmental Permitting and PPC Permitting

Contact: environment@arcusconsulting.co.uk

The Environmental Permitting (England and Wales) Regulations 2010  and The Pollution Prevention and Control (Scotland) Regulations 2012 are a set of regulations designed to help mitigate industry’s impact on the environment associated with discharges to air, water and land. Many industrial activities are now classed as permitted activities whilst other activities may require an exemption. Arcus can prepare and submit all required documentation and undertake proactive negotiations with the regulators. Please contact us for a quote.

Our services include:

  • Strategic advice and project management
  • Undertaking, or supporting, applications for: new permits (standard rules or bespoke permits); for variations, transfers or substantial changes to existing permits; and surrender of permits
  • Regulator and Stakeholder Negotiation (Environment Agency (EA) and Scottish Environmental Protection Agency (SEPA))
  • Producing Site Condition Reports
  • Development of Environmental Management Systems
  • Assisting with permit improvement conditions
  • Permit compliance audits
  • Undertaking H1 environmental risk assessments
  • Air Quality Assessment/ Air Emissions Modelling/ Air Dispersion Modelling
  • Review of Best Available Techniques (BAT)
  • Noise Management Plans
  • Decommissioning Plans
  • Odour Management Plans