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GIS and Geomatics

The Arcus GIS (Geographic Information Systems) and Visualisation team provide map, data analysis, geospatial and graphical services to a wide range of business sectors.

We produce map based outputs that are well designed and easy to understand. We create full suites of maps and technical drawings required to support planning and consent applications, as well as designing client material and supporting information for public exhibitions.

Arcus offers a range of data analysis and design services including:

  • Constraint and Environmental Mapping
  • Custom Site Finding Applications
  • GIS Data Management
  • Coastal and Marine Based Mapping
  • Zone of Theoretical Visibility (ZTV) Assessments
  • Professional LVIA Viewpoint Photography
  • Wireline and Photomontage Preparation
  • Cumulative Wind Farm Assessments
  • Shadow Flicker Impact Studies
  • Report Illustrations
  • Public Exhibition Visualisations and Graphics