Site Walkovers and Field Surveys


Site visits are an important step in the Development process and help verify the findings of desk studies.

The Arcus Hydrology team undertake site walkovers and field surveys throughout the UK, in both remote upland catchments and urban environments.

During site walkovers the Arcus Hydrology Team can undertake:

  • Confirm or formulate site constraints;
  • Verify the presence or absence of receptors (e.g. watercourses, private water supplies, groundwater levels);
  • Sizing of Watercourse crossings;
  • Appraisals of as-built site conditions; and
  • Water quality readings.

Site surveyors obtain a full photographic record of conditions during site walkovers to compliment technical reports and advice to clients.

Should a cross-disciplinary  issue require verification onsite, our Hydrologists will undertake the site walkover with a specialist from our in-house Ecology or Engineering Teams.