Monitoring and assessment of noise from industrial sites


Industrial Noise Assessment


Noise from industry is typically assessed using BS 4142:2014 Methods for Rating and Assessing Industrial and Commercial Sound.

This method involves measuring background noise, setting appropriate limits and predicting (or measuring) noise levels at the nearest noise sensitive location.  Where noise limits are exceeded, noise control can be specified to bring noise levels to below limits.

Noise assessment for planning applications

The noise team has extensive experience undertaking assessments of industrial noise as part of planning applications.  In order to give you the best chance of securing planning permission, we recommend consultation with the Arcus noise team at the design stage of a project.

Assessment of industrial noise includes:

  • Consultation with the local council (often an Environmental Health Officer) to agree on the methodology, timings and location/s for noise monitoring;
  • Noise survey to monitor background noise at the nearest noise sensitive properties;
  • Modelling and prediction of noise from specified industrial sources at the nearest noise sensitive properties (usually using ISO 9613-2:1996 Acoustics: Attenuation of Sound During Propagation Outdoors Part 2: General Method of Calculation).
  • Applying appropriate penalties to the predicted level if the noise is tonal, irregular or impulsive;
  • Comparing the measured background noise to the predicted level to determine the likelihood of adverse effects.

Where the assessment indicates that adverse effects are likely, Arcus can specify appropriate noise control.

Noise complaints

Arcus have investigated noise complaints for local councils, residents and operators of noisy equipment.

The assessment of a noise complaint is similar to the procedure above, except that onsite measurements of the noise can be made rather than predictions.  The specific noise can also be compared against relevant guidance or regulations to determine whether a complaint is justified.

Arcus has carried out noise impact assessments on many industrial noise sources, including:

  • Ventilation systems;
  • Mechanical services;
  • Industrial buildings;
  • Compressors;
  • Blowers;
  • Pumps;
  • Electric motors; and
  • Refrigeration units.

If you require an industrial noise impact assessment, or to discuss any other aspect of industrial noise or vibration, please email