Wind turbine noise assessments undertaken by experienced acoustic consultants throughout the UK.


Wind Turbine Noise

Productive, well-designed wind farms require consideration of noise effects from an early stage in the design process, particularly as the current market conditions drive developers towards the use of ever-larger turbine models and suitable sites become more and more constricted by the cumulative effects of existing developments.

Arcus can provide noise advice to wind farm / turbine developers, owners and operators throughout the life-cycle of a wind energy development. Including;

  • Initial site finding;
  • Feasibility and design;
  • Baseline noise monitoring;
  • Planning and environmental impact assessment process;
  • Appeals and Public Inquiries
  • Turbine selection
  • Mitigation for noise management
  • Construction and post-completion noise monitoring.

What We Do

By working with Arcus, you can be sure that your wind energy project is in skilled and experienced hands.  We apply best practice measures, using industry-standard software and equipment to assess, predict and monitor the effects of noise from wind energy sites and tailor our service to the specific needs of a particular project.

Whatever challenges your project faces, we can help.  For example:

  • Wind Farm Planning Applications – these are probably subject to more scrutiny and challenge than most forms of development. Our noise consultants work closely with colleagues in other disciplines such as planners, landscape architects and engineers to ensure that the best possible design is submitted for planning approval.  Our high standard of reporting and close consultation with Planning Authorities minimise the need for further information.

  • Cumulative Wind Farm Noise – for sites already subject to high levels of wind turbine development, our cumulative noise modelling and assessment techniques apply the principles of ETSU-R-97 and the IOA Good Practice Guide to maximise the availability of headroom for further development. We can consider effects under different wind direction sectors to ensure that mitigation is only applied when necessary.  We have considerable practical experience of noise limit apportionment between multiple developments to ensure that each can be operated to its maximum potential.

  • Mitigation – where noise mitigation is required, we work with detailed information from turbine manufacturers to ensure that noise-control is applied only under those conditions where necessary to minimise loss of generation.

  • Appeal and Public Inquiry – inevitably, many wind farm applications are determined through the Appeal and Pubic Inquiry process. All our assessments are designed to withstand such scrutiny and our track record of success in such circumstances is exemplary.

  • Expert Witness – we offer experienced expert witnesses who aim to minimise time spent on verbal evidence through consultation, negotiation and discussion with Planning Authorities and, where necessary, third parties’ consultants. We find that this approach can overcome many issues initially raised and allow the Appeal or Inquiry to focus on topics other than noise.

  • Planning Conditions – we are skilled at negotiating planning conditions that minimise the risk to operators that can result from the application of conditions that are insufficiently scrutinised, careless drafted, or – surprisingly often – just plain wrong!

  • Turbine Selection – planning consent is by no means the end of the process. The procurement and detailed design processes offer the opportunity to maximise the potential of a wind energy development through careful consideration of the costs and benefits of different turbine models.  Compliance with noise conditions is often a key component of this and we can advise on the selection of appropriate models and the development of mitigation schemes to help to achieve this.

  • Noise Monitoring – it is becoming more common for conditions to require noise monitoring during the initial months of operation. We are experienced at carrying out such monitoring, even in challenging circumstances with effects from other turbines.  We take account of uncertainties and variation in measurement conditions to ensure that the conclusions of our compliance assessments are robust.


Arcus noise consultants have worked with a wide range of wind energy developers, from individual landowners, through to multi-national utilities, including:  SSE, ScottishPower, EDF, e-on, Vattenfall, Blue Energy, EnergieKontor, Infinis, 2020 Renewables, Banks Group, etc.

We have worked on over 100 wind energy projects (we have literally lost count!) ranging from 100 kW single turbines to multi-megawatt wind farms, both on- and off-shore.

We have resolved many different issues, including complex cumulative scenarios, objections from consultees and third parties, restrictive planning conditions and noise complaints from neighbouring residents.

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