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Visualisations (Photomontage)


Photomontage – Visualisations – Verifiable Photomontage

Our LVIA (landscape and visual impact assessment) photomontage team can help bring your project to life. Arcus has extensive experience in creating photorealistic and verifiable photomontages, many of which have been included within planning applications and Environmental Statements (ES) as part of a larger Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA). The sectors we have worked in include renewable energy (wind farms, small-scale wind turbines, solar, hydro), commercial and industrial developments and the public sector.

Photographs are only the first part of the visual jigsaw when it comes to displaying a product or development. To provide a clear understanding of how a building, a new product, a change in use or large construction project may look, it has to be turned into a 2D or 3D visualisation, sometimes referred to as a photomontage or verifiable/verified photomontage.

Photomontages not only provide context. The visual images can help with gaining valuable project financing or support, as well as helping mitigate against or removing objections to a scheme.

Planning authorities are increasingly requesting that photomontages be submitted as part of an LVIA. Arcus can work with you or your landscape architect to ensure that any visualisations satisfy these requirements.

We use industry recognised software such as Abode Photoshop, Resoft Windfarm and Autodesk 3DS Max.

Our visualisations team can provide the following services:

  • Wind farm layout design
  • Wireline and wireline-over-photo imagery
  • Fully rendered building, construction and wind farm visualisations meeting the relevant guidance, for example:

The Highland Council Visualisation Standards for Wind Energy Developments

SNH Scottish Natural Heritage Visual Representation of Wind Farms

Landscape Institute TGN 06/19 Visual Representation of Development Proposals

  • 2D and 3D models and fully rendered 3D verified/verifiable visualisations
  • Aerial fly-throughs

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