Solar Farm at Sutton Bridge Approved for EDF Renewables


Solar Farm at Sutton Bridge Approved for EDF Renewables

South Holland District Council Planning Committee have voted unanimously to approve a planning application which was submitted by Arcus on behalf of EDF Renewables for a 49.9 MW solar farm in Sutton Bridge, Lincolnshire.

While much of the site is located in Flood Zone 3, at the highest risk of flooding, our team provided a range of technical solutions including raising critical infrastructure on plinths, the use of bunds and increasing the height of solar panels to ensure the infrastructure would be protected in the event of flooding. We also undertook a sequential test in consultation with the local authority to inform site selection in an area of high flood risk and best and most versatile agricultural land.

Our landscape and ecology teams designed a comprehensive scheme of biodiversity enhancements which will result in a 195% net gain in biodiversity at the site, which was welcomed by Natural England and the Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust. As a result of our multi-disciplinary approach, the application enjoyed broad support from residents, elected members and consultees, with no objections received from members of the public.

The solar farm will be constructed on land adjacent to the Sutton Bridge Power Station and will generate enough renewable electricity to meet the needs of over 16,000 households.

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