Wind Turbine Noise Amplitude Modulation


UK Government Publishes Review into Wind Turbine Noise Amplitude Modulation (AM)

The Government yesterday (26/10/2016) published its report on a review into Amplitude Modulation (AM) in wind turbine noise, which was initially commissioned by the former DECC and now falls under the remit of the Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy (DBEIS).

The review recommends that AM is measured using the method published by the Institute of Acoustics (IOA) in August 2016 and provides a penalty scheme to be applied where wind turbine noise is found to contain elevated levels of AM, which is based on that proposed by Renewable UK (RUK) in December 2013.

An outline of a suggested planning condition is also proposed, although the report states that the setting of specific planning conditions is a matter for Local Planning Authorities. The suggested condition applies the penalty to the wind turbine noise levels measured in each 10-minute measurement period during an investigation and requires the operator to submit details of a scheme of mitigation where the results are deemed to be unacceptable. We will publish a fuller analysis of the planning condition in the near future.

First impressions are that the report provides a useful first step but that further work will be required to develop an effective and practicable control mechanism for AM.

DECC / DBEIS Report:

IOA Measurement Method:

RUK Penalty Scheme:


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