Yorkshire Water Tight Phosphorus Delivery Programme

Since March 2018 Arcus has provided planning support to Yorkshire Water at 16 of their waste water treatment sites, as part of their Tight Phosphorus Delivery Programme (TPDP).  The reason for this work was to gain consent for crucial upgrades which help reduce phosphorus levels at each site, and ensure that phosphorus is not released into nearby water courses at levels where it could have a negative impact. The applications have been managed by the Arcus Planning team, and supported by our Hydrology, Ecology, Noise and Landscape and Visual teams.  So far, 9 out of the 16 Sites submitted for planning have been consented, and the remainder are due to be determined by early June.  The Programme will improve over 196 km of river length across the region, and it is part of a £70 million upgrade by Yorkshire Water.