Air Quality Impact Assessments – Gas Peaking Plants (England and Scotland)

Client – Various gas peaking plant developers

Scope – Air quality assessments for 16 gas peaking plant projects in England and Scotland, each between 5MW and 20MW electrical output. The assessments predicted the concentrations of NO2 at sensitive receptors using dispersion modelling with ADMS Roads. Where required, emissions from road traffic were also modelled, along with other cumulative point source emissions. Emission contour plots and stack height assessments have also been prepared for a number of projects, to meet the requirements of SEPA.

Solution – Based on pollutant concentrations design changes have been recommended such as increasing stack heights and fitting of selective catalytic reduction (SCR) so as to reduce concentrations at sensitive receptors. Of the 16 projects which have had air quality assessments prepared, 8 have been approved and 7 are still in planning.