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Noise Impact Assessment for Industrial Estate – Sheffield, Yorkshire

Client – Property Developer

Scope – A noise impact assessment was undertaken for the development of four commercial units on the outskirts of Sheffield, Yorkshire.  The aim of the assessment was to ensure that any noise generated by the development would not impact the amenity of the existing residents surrounding the site.  Consultation was undertaken with the local council, who advised that the assessment should include a background noise survey, and be undertaken according to the methodology specified in BS 4142:2014.

As details on the location, type or operational hours of plant was not available at the time of the assessment, it was decided that noise limits should be set at the nearest residential houses based on the existing background noise level.  Based on previous experience on this type of site, the client was advised that in order to achieve the noise limit, additional mitigation might be required, and would be much more economical to include as part of the design process, rather than retrospectively once the development has been built.

Solution – In order to ensure noise impacts would not affect the amenity of nearby residents, noise modelling was undertaken based on typical plant item sound power levels.  An earth bund was then included in the model to determine the reduction that would be achieved at various heights.  The modelling was reported back to the client, who included the bund as part of the development design to show that noise effects had been considered early in the design and were being reduced as low as reasonably practicable.

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