Railways and Rail Infrastructure


Railways and Rail Infrastructure

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Arcus staff have experience of undertaking work in the rail sector across the UK. Specific examples of projects our staff have worked on:

  • Station Redevelopment, South East England – Secondment, EIA Coordination
  • HS2 Leeds Station Metro Links – Feasibility and Concept Design
  • Transport for London – Arboricultural Assessment
  • TfL Crossrail – Landscape and Visual Impact Assessment of above ground elements
  • Hull Station Redevelopment – Public Realm Strategy
  • SELRAP, Reopening of Colne to Skipton Railway – Environmental Feasibility Report

We can offer support to rail projects throughout the Network Rail Governance for Railway Investment Projects (GRIP) process:

  • GRIP 1-3 Project initiation – undertaking baseline surveys and feasibility through our environmental services
  • GRIP 3-4 Consenting stage – providing planning and environmental support to achieve the necessary consents for a development
  • GRIP 5 Post-consent – providing planning, environmental and engineering support at the detailed design stage
  • GRIP 6 Construction – providing construction related services during the construction phase, ensuring compliance and delivery of commitments
  • Operation – environmental monitoring

Arcus is ideally placed to work on rail projects.  Our multi-disciplinary, integrated approach means that our experienced environmental and planning staff have immediate access to colleagues across a range of disciplines with a strong track record in working on railway and railway-related related projects.

Our approach:

  • We add efficiency to projects through providing multi-disciplinary support under a single contract and through a single point of contact.
  • We add value to projects by looking for opportunities to reduce costs, signposting potential risks to programme early and by providing solutions rather than problems.
  • We work with our clients to ensure that their projects meet, or exceed all of their environmental commitments and obligations.

If you would like any more information on how we can help you please get in touch.