Renewable Energy




Arcus has one of the UK’s most experienced teams in Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) and Planning for renewable energy development.

We have worked with leading renewable energy developers throughout the UK and South Africa on projects ranging from 70kW to 1GW installed capacity.

We have submitted over 60 applications for EIA developments; 85% of these projects have been consented.  This is substantially higher than typical industry rates.  We have had 1.7GW of renewable energy installed capacity consented.

We have extensive experience of co-ordinating the discharge of conditions process, led by our Planning Team, to ensure that developments run to plan. Through the construction phase, Arcus offers contract administration and site supervision, ecological and archaeological clerk of works and water quality monitoring; our environmental monitoring services, such as for birds and bats, extend into the operation phase, to optimise mitigation to maximise generation potential.