Great Crested Newt Surveys


Great Crested Newt Surveys


Great crested newts are one of the rarest and strictly protected species in the UK. Great crested newt (GCN) surveys may be required if habitats in or near a development are suitable for the species. A Habitat Suitability Index (HSI) assessment helps to score ponds and landscape features to determine the likelihood of ponds supporting great crested newts.

If suitable habitats are identified, further survey work must be completed to determine presence or likely absence of newts. Surveys need to be undertaken by an ecologist with the relevant survey licence Surveys may involve direct sampling (e.g. newt and live capture) or sampling environmental DNA (eDNA). Our experienced and licenced ecologists can advise you about which survey type is appropriate for your project and programme.

Our expert GCN ecologists are able to assess potential impacts to GCN from development proposals and, if necessary, develop and implement cost-effective mitigation strategies and obtain licenses to facilitate work.

The survey window for great crested newts is very restrictive so it is important to seek the advice of an ecologist at an early stage in your project.

Timing: mid-March to mid-June; some surveys possible at other times