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Photography and Visualisations


Viewpoint Photography – LVIA Photography – Photomontage – Visualisations – Verified Photomontage

The Arcus LVIA photography and visualisations team has worked on well over 100 construction developments ranging from large-scale wind farms and small-scale Feed-In Tariff (FiT) schemes, to hydro-electric developments, solar photovoltaic proposals and large–scale commercial and residential building projects. This specialist experience spans a 13-year period with Guy Cope, our lead photographer having over 25 years of experience behind the lens.

Photography within any project or document can bring the detail to life. When used within planning applications, photographs and visualisations (such as verified photomontages) from agreed viewpoint locations can form an important part of the process towards obtaining consent.

Visual images capture the imagination, but when used in building and construction sectors they also clearly illustrate the setting and potential proportions of a development or scheme.

Our LVIA viewpoint photography team understands the importance of imagery to your project and will work closely with you to confirm your requirements. With industrial projects we regularly work in conjunction with the project landscape architect giving special consideration to viewpoint locations and weather conditions. Our photography services have been instrumental in many of the consents we have gained of behalf of our clients.

The photography team has experience in and can provide photography services for:

  • Landscape and Visual Impact Assessment (LVIA) photography meeting the relevant guidance, for example:

The Highland Council Visualisation Standards for Wind Energy Developments

SNH Scottish Natural Heritage Visual Representation of Wind Farms

Landscape Institute TGN 06/19 Visual Representation of Development Proposals

  • 360-degree multi-row panoramas
  • Time-lapse and ongoing photographic project documentation
  • Marketing imagery (to support a new product or service launch or for internal marketing material)

To find out more about our complete visualisation service we have additional information on the following pages – Verifiable Photomontages and Visualisations (Photomontage)

If you require these services, or would like to discuss any other aspects relating to visualisations or photomontages, please email