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If you are proposing a wind energy development within The Highland Council region, as part of your planning application you will be required to produce visualisations. These visualisations would normally consist of wirelines and photomontages showing views from agreed viewpoints surrounding the proposed site.

An important part of the process is the taking of the LVIA viewpoint photography. There are strict guidelines as to how the photographs are to be taken including what equipment should be used.

All wind energy visualisations required within The Highland Council region must be produced in line with their own ‘Visualisation Standards for Wind Energy Developments‘. These guidelines are updated regularly and cover all of the required visual content for larger wind farms and some smaller scale proposals. What this does mean for developers within the Highland Council region, is that they are required to submit two sets of different visuals; one set meeting the Scottish Natural Heritage (SNH) guidance and then a second set that meets the guidance mentioned above. Arcus can capture LVIA viewpoint photography and produce visualisations / photomontages for both sets of guidance.

More recently, visualisations meeting the Highland Council guidelines have been required by some local authorities in England for non-renewable energy developments.

Arcus have extensive experience of capturing photography in line with the Highland Council guidelines. We have undertaken photography for numerous projects and are familiar with the capture and processing requirements of the guidelines.

For further information regarding the preparation of visualisations for a development within the Highland Council region, please see our Photomontage Visualisations and Verifiable Photomontage pages.

If you require these services, or would like to discuss any other aspect of Highland Council visualisations, please email