Travel Plan


Travel Plan

A Travel Plan is a document which details measures which will be taken by a developer to promote sustainable travel to and from a proposed development. These measures must encourage alternative means of transport to single occupancy car use. Larger developments will generally require a full Travel Plan whereas for smaller developments a less onerous Travel Plan Statement may suffice.


We have answered some commonly asked questions relating to travel plans:

When is a Travel Plan required?

The threshold for requiring a travel plan varies according to region and type of development. Consultation with the relevant planning authority is usually required in order to agree if a Travel Plan is required. Arcus’ Traffic Engineers have extensive experience in consulting with local authorities and will always aim to ensure that the least onerous outcome, which satisfies all policy and guidance, is achieved.

What is included in a Travel Plan?

Depending on the level of detail agreed during consultation with the local authority the following elements may be included in a Travel Plan:

  • Qualitative description of transport infrastructure near the site
  • Public transport accessibility level (PTAL) assessment
  • Active travel assessment
  • Details of measures which will be employed to encourage sustainable transport
  • Details of the role of Travel Plan Coordinator
  • Details of the Annual Action Plan
  • Details of targets and monitoring arrangements

What is a Travel Plan statement?

A travel plan statement may be sufficient for smaller developments which are predicted to have a lesser impact on the transport network. A travel plan statement would generally not include specific targets however would still include a set of positive measures to be implemented to promote sustainable travel. The level of information contained within a travel plan statement must be agreed in consultation with the planning authority.

Are there any specific requirements for projects in London?

Developments located within London require specific assessments to be undertaken including calculation of the Public Transport Accessibility Level (PTAL) of the site and analysis which determines the range of locations within London which can be reached within a reasonable commuting time. Transport for London (TfL) have published detailed advice on Travel Plans available here on their website.

Arcus’ traffic engineers have experience in developing Travel Plans within London and understand the specific requirements needed to gain consent for developments located within the capital.

What is a Framework Travel Plan?

A Framework Travel Plan may be required for phased developments or for outline planning permission in which the details of specific elements are not yet established. A Framework Travel Plan will generally include a commitment that individual Travel Plans are developed for each part of the development once details are established.