The UK Ecology Team Reflect on a Busy 2020 Survey Season


The UK Ecology Team Reflect on a Busy 2020 Survey Season

With both the ecology survey season and the financial year coming to a close, the Arcus Ecology Team has taken time to reflect on what has been another incredibly busy and rewarding year. Despite the unique challenges Covid-19 posed to carrying out surveys, the team has been able to keep projects on track by delivering ecology and ornithology surveys, monitoring and assessment services across a wealth of projects and sectors throughout the UK and Ireland, including;

  • Pre-application services; including feasibility, scoping, survey, EIA and HRA work on over 30 wind farms and 20 solar projects;
  • Operational monitoring and management on nine wind farms;
  • Pre-application and post-submission services on nine aquaculture projects;
  • Ecological Clerk of Work services during construction of three onshore wind farms, and two cable routes;
  • Survey and EcIA Services for four grid (buried cable and overhead power line) projects, including the onshore transmission works of two offshore wind farms;
  • Pre-application surveys for a nationally important hydro-power development;
  • Ongoing Project Ecologist support on the largest ever Town and Country Planning Act in the UK development; and
  • Ongoing ecological support for Cleve Hill Solar Park, the UK’s first Nationally Significant Infrastructure Project.

Being able to continue to deliver this work during the current pandemic is a testament to the hard working and pragmatic nature of the growing team, and demonstrates the value of developing close working relationships with colleagues, clients and stakeholders.

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